Finding a human connection

Fact: We NEED social interaction as a core element of our health.

Did you know that chronic loneliness is as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day? Human connection is as important as nutrition, exercise, and hygiene.

At Fox Run, we want every resident to have the opportunity to balance the wellness of their mind, body, and spirit. That’s why we provide a robust selection of opportunities for you to participate in what you want, when you want, and where you want. Take up a regular game of backgammon, enjoy an inspiring trip to a museum, or throw yourself from the door of a plane! What would you like to do with friends?

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I can hear the bells!

Music that stirs a memory; movies that lighten your soul; laughter that binds friends together.

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Double down

Cards, strategy, board, video – you pick the style and we’ll get playing!

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Group Outings

I’m going on an adventure!

Do you have something you always WANTED to do but never got around to? What’s your schedule look like Wednesday? Let’s do it.

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Connect to your center

Educate, meditate, accelerate. Whether you need get moving or slow down, we have the event for you. From education to meditation and plenty in between.

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Move it or lose it!

Up and moving, down and moving – let’s get physical! We are moving at your speed to get the blood flowing!

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We’re ready to get out and go

Adventures are the most fun when shared and we are ready to go and paint the town!

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It’s great being a grandparent

Seniors + children = winning. There is no substitute for the quality of life born of interacting with kids.

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Sharing is caring

Volunteering is the best way to feel engaged, important, and connected. Join us in giving back to our community.

Events Calendar

Our calendar of events and entertainment is updated every day. Sometimes it may even change on the fly. We make every effort to update our Google Calendar immediately so you know what’s going on.

Add our calendar of events to your Google calendar today!

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