Welcome to the community.

Some fear they’ll be losing something when they make the move from a home to senior living, but we beg to differ! Why, you ask? Most seniors who move to Fox Run find their home actually has become more of a burden. From keeping unused rooms clean to the loneliness of empty spaces, the community gained in senior living is truly life-changing.

Fox Run was constructed with you in mind! From the grounds to the amenities, restaurant, living areas, private dining, library, and event spaces, every space is yours to enjoy! And the best part? We take care of the cooking, cleaning, and maintenance so you have time to enjoy!

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Fresh made to order

Stop in and enjoy a meal with your neighbors, friends, and family anytime! Our restaurant is open from 7 am to 7 pm and features a rotating menu of 50+ expansive options.

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Private Dining

Formal dining with full service catering

You plan, we clean. Invite your friends to a special event or enjoy the private space with family. Hold a pizza party or create a custom menu with our Executive Chef. Really, our private dining is your formal dining to use as you like!

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Fitness Center

Is it leg day?

Come exercise on your own or even continue your rehab on machines that are tailored to your needs. We don’t just have exercise equipment thrown in a corner – our fitness center is a comfortable space dedicated to wellness and strength.

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Welcome to the land of enchantment

Our library is stocked with relevant and interesting materials and changed regularly! Go on an adventure, check out the latest magazines, or join Sherlock on a case – any time of the day.

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MMMMMmmmm – buttery heaven!

(Seriously, we love the popcorn machine.)

From traditional romance to the newest adventures. Educational events and church services. Welcome to the theater!

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Oh, what a beautiful morning

Sometimes you just need to get out – and some days are just too nice not to! Our beautiful landscaping and convenient paths are calling – want to take a walk?

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