Helping Residents Achieve Their Goals.

Many residents come to Fox Run Senior Living because they are in need of help. Some need more help than others, but no matter what level of care a resident is at, a major tenet of Fox Run care is that there is always a way to improve one’s situation. We work with residents and their families to set goals and work towards achieving those goals.

We set our wellness program apart by recognizing that people are more than just a physical body. We take a holistic approach to care by addressing the physical, social, and emotional needs of all residents. If only one aspect is being cared for, then the whole person is being neglected, and that is unacceptable. We care for the whole person.

Pillars of genuine Quality Care

A path to success is not just ticking off boxes on a to-do list. It’s working with a resident to figure out the best way forward and forging ahead together.

Read below to learn more about the core concepts behind Fox Run’s personal care services.

Holistic Care

We understand that personalized care means caring for more than just a person’s physical needs. Each department contributes to the social, spiritual, and emotional support of each resident so they can live life to the fullest.

Care Planning

We approach care holistically and from the bottom up, which means learning the goals of each resident and using tools from every department to best to achieve them. Here, the answer is always “yes.”

Personal Choice

Beyond what Fox Run can provide for care, let’s discuss how. You set the agenda based on your preferences and goals. Gone are the days of wake up calls and inconvenient schedules!


Fox Run Senior Living recognized long ago that using modern tools allow us to give the best care possible to residents. Technology and open dialogue are part of our focus on improving the lives of residents in every aspect, including avoiding potential health issues whenever possible.